Nothing ever so sparse have i yet seen,
Horizons far off and mountain-tipped
With snowcaps brightest white,
Bur farther they appear as else they aught;
‘Least they had been closer than now,
And yet that distance I’ve not traveled,
Unwilling to take that first fateful step
That might construct a destiny most have wept
In terror massed afront before mind’s eye.

But no terror I fear will construe my way,
I’ll be free of those dreadful, earthly bonds
As I journey to answer for others’ sake
Those queries that most fearful men make,
Many which do in ignorance blind,
Not blissfully as is our current case;
But many more that ask in such arrogance
That it turns me daftly sore, and hence
Through their abhorred nature claim
That beyond those unreached mountains
There a journey can no longer be made.
But when there I reach and there stay
To peer across the other side,
Be sure that what it is I find
Is a journey less finite than mortal mind.


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