Poetry: Rallying Call of a Trumpet

Crescendo! O hear that Crescendo!

Hear that mighty, grand increase of volume

That shudders the sky, and breaks apart clouds of stubborn darkness.

Long have we lived in shadows plenty,

Light scarce to find and rare beyond compare.

But no more! No more shall we in obscurity hide

In hope of dodging other miseries.

            Arm yourselves against this evil

With melodies vast and epic in scale,

That pierces the soul and clears away

The colorless void of the spirit’s doldrums;

For only with open minds, free to wander,

Can we sever our chains, forged by hellfire

And so undo the harms that have befallen.

If you can play an instrument, do so;

If you can sing then sing as angels do,

Be in like voice as they for ‘tis they who carry light.

            Together play in unison, reverberate the earth

As you play beside the Crescendo;

See how our demons tremble and cower away,

Fear set upon their faces grim;

See how the music pulls the clouds from the sky

And lets the light from the glorious Sun

Shine down onto the surface of the earth,

And upon our pale, white skin – now tanning brown.

I plead to you, do this! Accomplish what I purpose!

For the Crescendo soon will fade to a Diminuendo!


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