Enter, those of you who dare to brave the innards of an individual’s consciousness. Here you will find the most honest nature possible in one human being. Through the decor each page dons holds ideals wild. It is a jungle of events that bounds on the boarders of meaning, opening the door for the guest to roam my vast greenhouse, alive with characters grown from the tiniest seeds of inspiration, their flora budding into blossoms of every hue, a plot line caused by each pollen landing upon the stamen of every other flower.

Cobbled paths weave between the glades, under canopies where the sun’s rays leak through the leaves, dappling the ground in green shadow. But my guest must realize that here 6 billion human beings are not represented by each organism. Though you may at first believe them to be the population of my stories, they are nothing more than representatives of morals, themes, and ideas. Reality simplified under the dome of the greenhouse. There are no people that you see. Between all the species of growing metaphors there is only one thing they all have in common.

I am them. The man striving to save himself from┬ádespair, the hero brought down to his lowest, the lovers sharing hopes and dreams… They are but pieces of my soul, ideas that show my guest who I am and what I could be.

You may not find solace within the confines of my mind, but the door is never closed behind you and there is no ticket for admission. All can freely walk the paths and smell the aroma of a story unfolding to its climax. You can always leave, or you can stay. The choice is yours to make, but beware…

Imagination roams free here.